Potholes in Omaha are unavoidable. The reality is that at some point your car probably has had a rough encounter with one but does your car need repair? Here’s how to tell.   

A lot of damage can be caused by potholes. One of the most commonly damaged is the alignment. In any vehicle, all the parts piece together at a specific angle. If the angles are bumped out of place, it will throw off your alignment. This could cause the steering wheel to be off center. Or, instead of driving straight down the road, it could pull to one side or the other. Pulling and crooked steering wheel could also indicate suspension damage.

Struts can also be damaged by potholes. If the struts are damaged, you may experience a bumpier or bouncier ride than you had felt before. Damaged struts may cause a small oil leaks around the tires, stemming from the strut cartridge.   

The wheels themselves can obviously take a beating. The tire rims can be bent, causing slow air leaks or even flats. The tire tread can be damaged on impact causing bulges. Bulges, at interstate speeds, can cause the tire to blow.   

At Wreck A Mended, we love to take care of you and your car. We do free estimates. We can help you determine whether you want file a claim with insurance or simply pay out of pocket. Stop by anytime between 7:30 am and 5 pm on weekdays and begin the process of repairing your car! 

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